Life, Health, & Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

This valuable asset can be purchased to secure your family's financial future in the untimely death of a parent or family provider.

Types of policies:

  • Term :

    This is the actual cost of your death benefit. There is no cash value. You may buy level term in 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, 30 year and now 40 year level premiums. These rates once issued will never increase for the duration of the term you decide to purchase.

  • Cash Value :

    These types of policies provide level death benefits with level premiums. The two most popular forms of cash value are "Whole Life" and "Universal Life". Whole provides more guarantees than Universal, but Universal is more flexible with interest rates and premium payments.

Both policies have a purpose. Term is usually bought when large amounts of coverage are needed to solve family or business needs. And Cash Value policies are bought to provide long term coverage typically through retirement.

Health Insurance :

  • Group :

    Hospitalization - Dental - Vision
    Our agency is a Highmark, UPMC, and Aetna representative. We can help you design a policy to meet the goals of your employee benefit package. These policies are guaranteed issue and require short applications to be placed.

  • Individual :

    We find that if you live in Western Pennsylvania and are not part of a group plan, the best individual hospitalization policy for you is through Highmark.

    All individual policies are medically underwritten.

Disability :

  • Group :

    We offer both Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability to our employers wanting a great benefit for their businesses. Short Term benefits can start day one for accidents and Long Term can provide the employee with a paycheck until age 65.

  • Individual :

    We will help you design an individual disability policy to protect your family's loss of income due to the injury or sickness that befalls the breadwinner in your household. These types of policies are medically underwritten and based on your own occupation.

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If you have several other life insurance policies, we suggest that a review of them be done. We have found that by buying larger amounts on one policy is less expensive then having several smaller ones. We also note that the rates used by some companies are still the old mortality tables. The new tables calculate for people living longer and have lower rates.