Privacy Policy

Robert A. Simonin Agency, Inc
Privacy Release Notice - June 1st, 2006

To Our Valued Clients,

The personal information gathered from you at the time of application and during the period of servicing your insurance matters is of great importance to our agency. We use your personal information to manage your insurance coverage and compare the rates with your company to those of other companies. We will need to share this information with the insurance companies in order to get rate quotes and place coverage for you. In addition to the usual policy coverage information, we also gather financial and claims information in managing your insurance. This information is held confidentially at our office and only released when pertaining to the direct serving of your insurance policies. We will from time to time need to share your policy information with your financial institutions, car dealers, notaries, police officers, claim adjusters and others who have an interest in your insurance coverage. These activities are limited only to the information pertaining to that specific insurance need and not to any other policy or personal data.

In order to transact business effectively, we will operate using sound business practices when it to comes to protecting your private information. It is our agency's practice that this data will never be sold or released to anyone trying to profit from it. If there is any particular reason these business practices should not be followed when it comes to your information, you should notify us in writing immediately. We will take the appropriate steps at our agency to change how we handle the information on your account to coincide with your wishes.

At any time you wish to discuss the information we have on file, please call us.

Respectfully yours,
Robert J. Simonin